Millie Bobby Brown Claps Back on Strange Commentary About Her Accent


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To assistance show her Britishness, the influencer even provided her with a present card for the extremely popular chain dining establishment Nando’s, which she excitedly accepted, including, “Do you know I’m going and having Nando’s for lunch? I’m actually going to use this.”

Millie had formerly raised eyebrows throughout a look on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she stated her engagement to Jon Bon Jovi‘s child.

“Her british accent is barely there anymore,” one user commented, with another including, “she pronounces certain words like a brit but the cadence she’s using is so american.”

And to Millie’s own point, other social networks users kept in mind that hanging out with fiancé Jake– who was born in New Jersey– is most likely a significant factor, with a single person writing, “I think she’s just losing her accent because she’s spending so much time in the US with her fiancé.”

In reality, she and Jake have actually been inseparable considering that they initially began dating in2021 For a take a look at their lovable love, keep reading.