Millionaire tech CEO discovered beheaded ‘was eliminated by thieving assistant’

    Tyrese Haspil, Fahim Saleh

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    Tyrese Haspil, 21, has actually been apprehended and charged with the death of his employer, Fahim Saleh. (Picture: AP/Facebook)

    A millionaire tech CEO’s assistant has actually been apprehended and charged with utilizing an electrical saw to behead and dismember his employer.

    Tyrese Haspil, 21, is dealing with a second-degree murder charge in the dreadful execution of Fahim Saleh inside his $2 million New York City condo. Saleh’s body was found by his cousin 2 days after the killing and monitoring video footage programs Saleh and Haspil taking an elevator approximately Saleh’s seventh-floor house on Monday, cops stated.

    According to the New York Daily News, Haspil was captured taking $90,000 from Saleh and was fired. Saleh then used Haspil an opportunity to pay the cash back to prevent criminal charges – however Haspil presumably reacted by eliminating his employer.

    Haspil was seen using a black match and black mask in the elevator trip approximately Saleh’s house. He is thought to have actually utilized a Taser to incapacitate his employer prior to stabbing him in the chest and dismembering him with an electrical saw.

    Investigators informed the Daily News that Haspil utilized his charge card to buy the saw and the Taser prong recuperated from Saleh’s body was matched to an identification number on a gadget linked to Haspil.

    fahim saleh of gokada ride share

    Saleh was eliminated in his East Side condo, which he supposedly purchased for over $2 million (Picture: Instagram)

    fahim saleh of gokada ride share

    Fahim Saleh established Gokada trip share, a motorbike-hailing business in Nigeria. (Picture: Instagram)

    Haspil was likewise supposedly captured on monitoring video purchasing the saw and cleansing materials. Police stated Haspil returned to the house the day after he eliminated his employer to get rid of the body and proof, however he was disrupted by Saleh’s cousin, who found the dreadful scene.

    Saleh was a self-made tech business owner who purchased a number of transport start-ups, according to his LinkedIn. He co-founded the ride-hailing business Patheo in his moms and dads’ house nation of Bangladesh in 2015. Two years later on, he co-founded Gokada, a motorbike-hailing business in Lagos, Nigeria and took control of as the CEO of the business last April. He likewise developed the equity capital company Adventure Capital in New York in 2018.

    However, Saleh struck some obstacles previously this year when the Nigerian federal government prohibited Gokada, which was required to shift into a shipment service throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The business had actually simply raised $5.3 million in financing from Rise Capital, equity capital company in Silicon Valley, in May 2019.

    ‘We used to call him the Elon Musk of the developing world. He was like the Energizer Bunny,’ a good friend of Saleh’s informed The Post.

    ‘His friend in Dubai called me simply sobbing on the phone, “They took my boy, they took my boy!”…he was so loaded with concepts.’

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