Missing lady, 14, saved from abductors after cops utilized Snapchat

    An aerial view of the Cabucelle district of Marseille, France. A map showing where the area is.

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    Two guys, 26 and 64, supposedly took turns raping the girl after she had actually been drugged (Pictures: Google)

    The French cops utilized Snapchat to find a 14- year-old lady who was supposedly abducted, drugged and gang-raped after she fled from house.

    The teen was saved after she turned her Snapchat area on and communicated with the cops while her supposed captors slept, in a home block in the Cabucelle district of Marseille, France

    The girl, who has actually not been called for legal factors, stated a 26- year-old male informed her she might remain in his flat after she left her household house recently.

    She states she was then required to smoke marijuana prior to the 26- year-old and another 64- year-old male supposedly took turns raping her and requiring her to provide foreplay.

    The guys ultimately dropped off to sleep and the lady had the ability to message her moms and dads on Instagram in the early hours of Friday early morning.

    She informed them she had actually been abducted and beaten however was unable to state where she was.

    Her moms and dads then went to the cops who asked the lady to turn her Snapchat area on so officers might track her.

    A map showing where the girl was when she was rescued.

    Officers tracked the lady’s Snapchat area to the flat she was supposedly being kept at, in the Cabucelle district of Marseille, France

    An aerial view of the Cabucelle district of Marseille, France.

    Once officers got to the best apartment, they knocked on each door up until she texted them ‘yes’ to state they were at the best location (Picture: Google)

    She kept in contact with her rescuers over messaging apps– as she was fretted speaking with them on the phone may wake her supposed captors.

    When the officers got to the best structure on Friday night, they knocked on each door up until she responded ‘yes’ to represent they were at the best location.

    As they stormed in, among the guys supposedly attempted to erase proof from his phone prior to he was apprehended.

    The teen was required to healthcare facility where drugs were discovered in her system and ‘anal lesions’ were amongst her injuries.

    The guys were detained and charged with kidnapping and raping a small onSunday They have actually firmly insisted the kid granted sex with them.

    The teen is now back at house with her household.

    According to reports, a ‘young assistant police woman’ developed the concept to utilize Snapchat’s area services and she was later on praised for making the ‘rare and unique’ rescue a success.

    ‘Snapchat alone would not have allowed the arrest of these individuals,’ the area’s department secretary, Rudy Manna stated, as he thanked the policewoman‘without whom nothing would have been possible’


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