MLB Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench on sticky baseball debate

MLB Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench on sticky baseball controversy

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Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench informed CNBC that the headings about pitchers utilizing pine tar or other sticky compounds on baseballs should not come as a surprise to fans. 

“Yes, they use pine tar, of course they use pine tar, everybody has used pine tar since I was a rookie in 1967,” stated the previous Cincinnati Reds catcher.

“Don’t get excited, these are the things that the pitcher needs to do,” Bench stated. “A little pine tar never hurt, come on. Hold on to it. Get that grip going, baby.”

Bench included that the joint of the baseball has actually gotten smaller sized because his pitching days — utilizing a sticky compound on the ball offers the pitcher something to grip on to, he stated.

MLB authorities are thinking about a crackdown, as Major League pitchers control more than ever. The league has actually seen 6 no-hitters currently this season, on speed to shatter the record of 8, embeded in 1884.

Insiders state one issue might be what’s concealed on pitchers’ hands, like pine tar or a sticky glue called “Spider Tack.” Last week the league suspended 4 minors pitchers for unlawfully utilizing foreign compounds on baseballs.  

Bench, nevertheless, indicated substandard striking throughout a Thursday night interview on  “The News with Shepard Smith.” 

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