Mona Lisa’s smile was not genuine when Leonardo da Vinci painted her, scientists say


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Mona Lisa’s well-known smile won’t have been real when she was painted by Leonardo da Vinci greater than 500 years in the past.

Scientists wished to analyze Lisa Gherardini’s facial features and apply the rules of neuroscience to the world-famous Italian Renaissance portray, which is seen by tens of millions of tourists yearly in Paris’ Louvre Museum.

Utilizing a so-called “chimeric face” method, whereby the lady’s mouth is reduce in half and positioned alongside its mirror picture, the researchers requested a gaggle of topics to guage the perceived expression.

They concluded that the Mona Lisa is smiling asymmetrically.


“Contemplating it’s unlikely that an individual who sits immobile for hours to be painted is ready to always smile in real happiness, the only rationalization is that the Mona Lisa uneven smile is the manifestation of an ‘unfaithful enjoyment’ regardless of all of the efforts that Leonardo’s jesters used to make to be able to maintain his fashions merry,” the researchers write, in keeping with Science Day by day.

The authors of the examine level out that there is not higher face muscle activation within the Mona Lisa portray; with a real smile, which is called a Duchenne smile, an individual’s cheeks are often raised and the muscle tissue round their eyes are inclined to contract.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is understood world wide, however her smile has all the time been a bit mysterious.

The uneven smile “displays a non-genuine emotion and is believed to happen when the topic lies,” the authors observe, in keeping with Science Day by day. The scientists who labored on the examine are affiliated with the College of Cincinnati in Ohio, St. George’s College of London within the U.Ok. and Sapienza College of Rome in Italy.

The Mona Lisa, which is believed to have been painted someday between 1503 and 1506, sits behind a climate-controlled bulletproof glass enclosure and has captured the creativeness of artwork lovers, museumgoers and most of the people for a whole bunch of years.


Current analysis means that Leonardo da Vinci suffered extreme nerve harm to his proper hand after fainting and falling sooner or later late in his life. The harm may need impacted his potential to color and will clarify why the Mona Lisa is unfinished, consultants say.

Earlier this yr, evaluation of a mysterious charcoal drawing referred to as the “Nude Mona Lisa,” which has puzzled consultants for hundreds of years, means that it was possible created by Leonardo da Vinci.

Many have described her smile as enigmatic and the reality of the Mona Lisa’s facial features will possible be debated within the years to come back.


“Whereas the Mona Lisa smile continues to draw the eye of its observers, the true message it conveys stays elusive and plenty of unsolved mysteries stay to be elucidated, maybe by way of the information of emotion neuropsychology,” the researchers conclude within the examine’s summary.

Fox Information’ James Rogers contributed to this report. 

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