Monopoly Releases New Sailor Moon Edition & They Have Rose-Finished Mystical Weapons Tokens


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Do you remember the famous board game that we played as little kids – and may have wrecked a few friendships (just kidding :P)? Exactly, Monopoly! 

They now have a new version of the game that will definitely bring you back in time to the glory days of your childhood, according to Nextshark. After introducing multiple versions of the game like the Pokemon and the Game of Thrones editions, OP(USAopoly) is back to introduce their new Monopoly edition – Sailor Moon Monopoly.


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Based on USAopoly’s descriptions, there will be six collectable rosé-finished tokens which are tiny replicas of the mystical weapons from the show. If you don’t remember all the names, the mystical weapons from Sailor Moon are listed below:

  • Cosmic Heart Compact 
  • Moon Chalice 
  • Spiral Heart Moon Rod 
  • Garnet Orb 
  • Deep Aqua Mirror
  • Space Sword

Source: Amazon

Staying true to the show, the board game has a vibrant aesthetic due to the pink and pastel colours which are the colour palette of the show itself. On the other hand, you’ll be excited to know that Sailor Moon Monopoly has some brand-new mechanics to go along with the theme.

This is because the original game requires the players to choose from the Chance and Community Chest cards, but Sailor Moon Monopoly allows the players to pick from the Love and Friendship cards. Just like the core themes of the show! 

In addition to that, the players will also face a new risk, which is Attack by Death Busters. This unique risk can cost a player 200 Sailor Moon money, which is the currency of this board game. Oh damn!

Source: Amazon

At this point, you might be wondering if the game is available in Malaysia.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can buy this game via Amazon and it will be shipped to Malaysia. At the time of writing, the price of the game on the online store is USD37.80 (approx. RM158) after a 37 per cent cut from the listed price of USD59.99 (approx. RM251).

This is such an exciting announcement, don’t you think? Will you be getting your hands on the Sailor Moon Monopoly set? Let us know in the comments below! 


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