Mother Squeezes Out ‘Pus’ From Son’s Body, Shockingly Turns Out to Be Four Live Maggots


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Earlier this month (October 2018), a mom was traumatised after squeezing 4 dwell maggots out of her little one’s physique, and the entire expertise was shared on Fb by a netizen to remind everybody in regards to the disgusting tumbu fly maggots.

Right here’s what the mom wrote;

“I seen my son had 4 holes (on his physique). One on his head, chest, leg and finger. They have been so small that I assumed they have been simply slight infections and would go away quickly.”

Sadly, they weren’t simply infections.

Supply: Fb

The poor boy would usually scream in ache, exclaiming, “my head!” or “my leg!” and the mom would give him some painkillers to alleviate his signs. The boy’s academics at college additionally claimed that he had been complaining in regards to the ache as nicely.

“On the third day, after I bought again from work, I checked his hand and noticed that the outlet had opened. I additionally noticed one thing like pus and after I squeezed it, a dwell maggot got here out!

“I instantly known as my husband and a physician, who suggested me to squeeze all of the maggots out. It was already 6pm, so we couldn’t go to the hospital. There have been 4 maggots in whole and I cleaned his wound with antiseptic.”

In whole, 4 maggots have been squeezed out and the physician administered antibiotics to her son. She was then knowledgeable in regards to the tumbu fly, which is often known as putzi fly, mango fly, or pores and skin maggot.

Supply: Fb

This kind of fly is usually present in Africa and lots of travellers who return from the place have been reported to have suffered from parasitic infestations by the fly larvae. This situation can have an effect on each infants and adults!

In accordance with The New England Journal of Drugs (NEJM), feminine tumbu flies usually lay eggs on damp clothes or soil. When the larvae come into contact with human pores and skin, they’ll burrow into the subcutaneous tissue on our again, limbs, and buttocks.

To forestall such an incident from occurring once more,  the physician suggested the mom to:

  • Maintain all garments with pegs (to dry) to stop them from falling onto the bottom or grass
  • Shake off moisture from all garments earlier than bringing them inside
  • Wash all youngsters’s garments, bedsheets and towels with sizzling water (relying on the fabric, after all!)
  • Iron all youngsters’s garments
  • Clear all surfaces with disinfectants

After eradicating the maggots, the kid has since stopped complaining in regards to the ache in his head and was in a position to get a superb night time’s sleep. Glad to listen to that! 

Except the larvae give us superpowers just like the Venom, we’re not eager on having any larvae residing with us. Keep protected guys! 


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