MPH Bookstore Security Guard Who Slapped 13yo Boy is Now Suspended



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Shopping for books ought to be an pleasing expertise for a child however for this teen, he could have been scared off bookstores for a very long time after this traumatising incident!

A Fb consumer named Lim Yaw attracted sympathy and anger from netizens after he posted a few latest incident involving his son. Based on him, his son had simply completed searching within the Nu Sentral department of the bookstore chain MPH, when he was immediately approached by a safety guard. The guard accused him of stealing a comic book e-book and forcefully dragged him by the again of his shirt to take him into the safety room. 

13yo M'sian Boy Falsely Accused of Stealing Comic Book by Bookstore Security Guards, Slapped Twice and Asked to Keep Quiet - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Comedian e-book bought by Lim’s son | Supply: Facebook

Without giving the 13-year-old boy a chance to explain himself, the guard then slapped him across the face – twice. A short while after that, an employee of the bookstore noticed a sticker at the back of the book that indicated it was already purchased, thus clearing the boy of his ‘crime’. Upon seeing the evidence, the security guard backed away and finally released the boy.

13yo M'sian Boy Falsely Accused of Stealing Comic Book by Bookstore Security Guards, Slapped Twice and Asked to Keep Quiet - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

However, just right before he let the teenager out, the guard warned him not to tell his parents. The audacity!  The boy met with Lim not long after that, who was shocked to see tears rolling down his son’s face. When he asked him what happened, he relayed the full story to his father. Enraged, Lim went to the store counter and demanded an explanation from the outlet. It was only there and then that he got an apology out of the staff.

In his status update, Lim holds nothing back, writing (in Mandarin): “What is the meaning of this? They (bookstore staff) know they’re in the wrong, yet they tried to hide the truth, and their apology was insincere. Such a major bookstore chain, yet they are bold enough to scare a 13-year-old boy like this, and don’t even hold any remorse for their actions. How can they gain the trust of children this way?” 

He goes on to state that even though it was just two physical slaps that his son endured, it does not account for the mental trauma that the incident has left behind. Lim’s son has also confessed he no longer dares to visit a bookstore. So saddening. 

Since then, Lim has lodged a police report. His full post can be read here.

In regards to the incident, MPH updated their Facebook page saying that they’ve suspended the staff responsible.

13yo M'sian Boy Slapped Twice by Bookstore's Security Guard After Being Falsely Accused of Stealing - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

We’re glad to see that MPH has stepped up and taken responsibility. This is how you manage a potential scandal and prevent it from escalating, folks!

Let’s hope the child can recover in due time, and continue fostering his love for books. 


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