Mystery of ‘screaming Egyptian mummy’ which has baffled archaeologists for years finally resolved


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The “Screaming Mummy” thriller from historic Egypt has baffled specialists for years however the secret behind the horrifying stays has lastly been resolved.

When archaeologists first uncovered the mummified physique they had been stunned to seek out the face of the long-dead Egyptian distorted in anguish, showing to be silently screaming.

Through the years numerous theories had been aired in an try and reveal who the person was and why he appeared to have died in agony.

One fashionable idea stated he was Prince Pentewere, son of Pharaoh Ramses III and one in every of his wives, Tiye.

The prince unsuccessfully plotted to kill his father and take his throne and, in response to historic information, was made to take his personal life after the plan failed and he was placed on trial.

However the newest idea casts doubt on that clarification.

Dr. Bob Brier, an archaeologist at Lengthy Island College in New York, who has examined the physique, stated: “Two forces had been appearing on this mummy: one to do away with him and the opposite to attempt to protect him.”

Dr. Zahi Hawass from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities believes it’s doubtless that the mum was a prince who introduced disgrace on his household.

It was buried alongside different royals however was coated in a sheepskin.

Dr. Hawass, a former minister of antiquities, stated: “Within the thoughts of the traditional Egyptian, to cowl with a sheepskin means he was not clear, he did one thing dangerous in his life.

“We would by no means seen a mummy like this, struggling. It is not regular, and it tells us one thing occurred, however we didn’t know precisely what.”

Dr. Brier added: “For some cause, there was an try and make it possible for he did not have an afterlife, and in one other try, someone cared about him and tried to override that.”

The “Screaming Mummy” is on show this week on the Egyptian Museum in Cairo for the primary time.

Elham Salah, from the Ministry of Antiquities, stated in an announcement that this was the primary time that the mum had been placed on show because it had been moved to the museum.

Till this week the stays had been stored in its coffin in a storage space of the museum.

This story initially appeared in The Solar.

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