Mythbusters’ Jamie Hyneman is developing self-governing firefighting tanks for Palmer Luckey’s Anduril

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Jamie Hyneman, of Mythbusters popularity.

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Palmer Luckey was the young boy genius who co-founded Oculus VR, offered it to Facebook and boosted the 2nd coming of virtual truth– up until he got tossed out Now, he’s a year into his next job: a start-up called Anduril that’s wanting to utilize low-cost consumer-grade electronic cameras, sensing units and lasers to be a much better defense professional.

You may have heard that Luckey’s very first job is a virtual border wall that might let the United States federal government catch prohibited immigrants and intruders– simply slip on a VR headset and area individuals you would not see with the naked eye.

According to a brand-new Wired profile of Luckey’s business, that holds true– however it’s likewise possibly simply the start. Anduril wishes to construct all sort of smarter, more affordable innovation utilizing dispersed networks of sensing units. And that consists of a self-driving firefighting robotic tank developed by Mythbusters star JamieHyneman

Here’s an image from Wired:


According to the Wired story, Hyneman’s developing the firefighting tanks utilizing hollowed-out armored workers providers (APCs).

Benjamin Rasmussen/Wired

Called Sentry, it’s developed to fight Calfornia wildfires like the ones that wrecked red wine nation houses in 2015

While Wired’s Steven Levy tried a VR simulator, Luckey informs CNET the last automobile will drive autonomously (utilizing information from the business’s dispersed Lattice sensing unit networks) or be driven by a remote operator utilizing VR– which views from its sensing units can be streamed to firemens’ phones or AR headsets so they can see what’s going on in first-person, third-person or a god-like view of the location.

(Though it deserves keeping in mind Hyneman does not believe the tank will drive itself anytime quickly– see our June 14 upgrade at the bottom of this post.)

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Luckey also tells CNET another possible product mentioned in Wired’s story — a set of “Call of Duty goggles” to give soldiers more situational awareness using see-through augmented reality — might even be closer than reported. While Anduril’s not yet sure whether it’ll build such a headset itself, Luckey says he’s already field-testing ruggedized, outdoor-friendly standalone AR headsets using his company’s software.

“It is going to take years for the hardware and software to catch up with our ultimate ambition, but the current technology is already immensely useful. We are planning on deploying to government customers in the near future,” Luckey says.

You can read more about Luckey’s startup, ambitions, virtual border wall (the Department of Homeland Security says it was “intrigued”) and the firefighting tank in Wired’s full story.

By the way: Did you know Hyneman built an incredibly powerful Battlebot named Blendo years before Mythbusters first aired?

Original story published June 11 at 11:10 a.m. PT.

Update, June 14: Hyneman tells CNET we shouldn’t expect the firefighting tank to drive itself anytime soon: “It’s conceivable that it would be autonomous at some point, but then it’s conceivable we’ll have people on Mars before long, and that AI is going to do us all in. That may well happen but not right now. The fires are right now, and remote control is right now,” he said.


One more, slightly blown-out photo of Anduril’s autonomous firefighting tank prototype.


Disclosure: Sean’s wife works for Facebook, owner of Oculus, as an internal video producer.  

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