NASA scientist says Earth may have been visited by aliens


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NASA was arrange partly to seek out traces of extraterrestrial life within the universe. Whereas the federal government area company has but to seek out any definitive proof that extraterrestrials exist, one NASA scientist believes we might have already been visited by them right here on Earth.

In a brand new analysis paper, Silvano P. Colombano, who along with being a pc scientist at NASA Ames Analysis Middle, can also be a professor, theorizes that clever life might not be what we’re used to and will not essentially use the standard constructing blocks of that humanity is accustomed to, equivalent to carbon.

“I merely wish to level out the truth that the intelligence we’d discover and which may select to seek out us (if it hasn’t already) may not be in any respect be produced by carbon primarily based organisms like us,” Colombano wrote within the paper.


So if extraterrestrials are usually not carbon-based, what does that do to our assumptions about what to search for? Properly, rather a lot, Colombano famous.

“Our typical life-spans would now not be a limitation (though even these might be handled multi-generational missions or suspended animation), and the dimensions of the ‘explorer’ may be that of a particularly tiny super-intelligent entity,” Colombano added within the paper.

Colombano additionally means that extraterrestrials might have discovered expertise that people can’t comprehend but, making duties equivalent to interstellar journey potential. “If we undertake a brand new set of assumptions about what types of greater intelligence and expertise we’d discover, a few of these phenomena may match particular hypotheses, and we might begin some severe enquiry,” he instructed.

Nonetheless, the scientist concedes that interstellar journey might be “an unbreakable barrier, over spans of 1000’s of years,” although he added that interstellar journey might be potential relying on what we assume about numerous types of life.


“Contemplating additional that technological improvement in our civilization began solely about 10Okay years in the past and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies solely prior to now 500 years, we are able to surmise that we’d have an actual drawback in predicting technological evolution even for the following thousand years, not to mention 6 Million occasions that quantity!” he defined.

Colombano, who holds a doctorate in biophysical sciences in accordance with his LinkedIn web page, additionally stated that not each UFO sighting will be “defined or denied” and requested individuals to look by the “very massive of quantity of ‘noise’ on the subject of reporting on the topic.

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