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Move over, “Wednesday”: Netflix’s most current hit is a Zillow listing.

Just in time for the streaming launching of its fiercely expected “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” the streaming service’s marketing group has actually noted the movie’s eponymous Greek island substance on the popular property website.

The imaginary Zillow listing for the 17- bed room, 22- restroom, 29,000- square-foot “Extravagant Island Commune” has a cost of $450 million, which might be a referral to the quantity Netflix apparently spent for the rights to a 2nd and 3rd movie in the franchise including investigator Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig).

The 26 acre residential or commercial property, which in the movie is owned by eccentric tech billionaire Miles Bron, played by Edward Norton, boasts a single “rooftop parking space.”

The imaginary 26- acre listing boasts 17 bed rooms, 22 restrooms and one “rooftop parking space.”


“Sleek architecture and sophisticated design, with an equal eye toward nature and extravagance, provide an unparalleled luxury living experience accessible only by boat and crowned by a Glass Onion atrium,” the listing checks out.

It continues: “Large scale sculptures adorn the grounds, and the owners’ carefully curated and commissioned selection of high-end art including works by Banksy and Francis Bacon make this a truly priceless acquisition.”

In addition to having 7 personal studio rental properties which were “each inspired by a different chakra,” the movie’s residential or commercial property includes a robotic butler.

Of course, even if you have the millions to pay out, the “Glass Onion” estate does not exist. A link to “learn more” about the listing brings visitors to the “Glass Onion” page on Netflix’s site.

The “Knives Out” follow up was mostly contended the Amanzoe hotel in Porto Heli, Greece, while the interiors were shot on a soundstage in Belgrade, Serbia.

But audiences will be able bring the rental property to their living-room: “Glass Onion” hits Netflix onDec 23.

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