New Cheating Rumors Erupt in RHOP’s Shocking Mid-Season Trailer

New Cheating Rumors Erupt in RHOP's Shocking Mid-Season Trailer

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Accusations of cheating are taking control of RHOP

E! News can specifically expose the mid-season trailer for The Real Housewives of Potomac— and the stunning preview is loaded with unfaithful reports focused on numerous of the girls.

For beginners, Karen Huger makes a strong claim about Robyn Dixon‘s ex-husband turned fiancĂ©. “There’s so much I know about Robyn Dixon,” she informs Ashley Darby, “consisting of Juan‘s other female that appears like me.”

Karen later on challenges Robyn throughout a heated exchange and calls her and Juan’s relationship a “fake-ass marriage.”

But Karen isn’t safe from the report mill either as Charrisse Jackson Jordan informs the group, “Karen Huger, she was f–king the help in the bathroom.” Cut to Karen stating, “I don’t need my friends saying that I’m a prostitute.”

Gizelle Bryant likewise has concerns about Mia Thornton‘s marital relationship, particularly if she and other half Gordan welcome 3rd parties into the bed room. “She likes to watch and Gordon likes other women,” Gizelle informs Mia’s friend Jacqueline Blake prior to asking her, “So you never said, ‘Pick me?'”

Jacqueline later on blows up, informing Mia, “I would never f–king sleep with your husband!”