New panda mom doesn’t know she has twins thanks to sneaky zookeepers


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Artful zookeepers are holding a set of new child panda twins alive by switching them out every single day. 

Though twins aren’t unusual, when pandas have a number of infants they have an inclination to commit all of their consideration to solely one in every of their cubs, leaving the opposite to starve. 

However these zookeepers have managed to get new panda mothers to look after each infants by rotating them out, tricking the pandas into believing they solely have one cub to look after.

A BBC Earth video — narrated by the one and solely David Attenborough — reveals the keepers’ approach. 

New mom Lee Lee hasn’t realized that she had twins as a result of her keepers have been switching her 18-day-old cubs out, so she solely has one by one. 

When they should change out the cubs, they distract Lee Lee with a bowl of honey water and worm the younger cub from her paws. Then, they put that cub in an incubator and produce the opposite cub to Lee Lee, guaranteeing that each get the maternal care they want. 

Keepers swap the cubs out at the least 10 instances a day, holding a meticulous file of the infants’ time with their mother. 

The approach has an nearly 100 % survival price. Though pandas are now not endangered, they’re nonetheless weak, so discovering new methods to assist the species alongside, even in captivity, is vital.

Plus, it is freaking lovable.

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