New spike-armored dinosaur discovered in Texas


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Hillsboro paleontologist Andre LuJan had been digging on his company-owned property within the dusty west Texas hills for years, with little to point out for it however a number of small fossils.

“We have been wanting on this specific space as a result of we had discovered proof of great fossils previous to this discovery, LuJan informed Fox Information. “So we have been discovering different issues, however we hadn’t discovered a dinosaur.”

That was till October of 2017, when LuJan and his group found the stays of a brand new sort of ankylosaurus, a genus of armor-plated dinosaurs that have been among the many final of the dinosaurs on Earth. The dinosaur was low to the bottom, measuring as much as 18 toes lengthy. Regardless of its fierce look, the brand new ankylosaur was a plant–eater, utilizing its spiked armor and clubbed tail to defend itself from predators.


Requested to explain the dinosaur, LuJan stated: “It could actually truthfully seem like a cross between a sexy toad and an armadillo- a low profile armored animal, with a extremely spiny head and spiky physique armor however with a big clubbed tail that was its defensive mechanism.”

LuJan, who runs a industrial paleontology firm known as PaleoTex that seeks out fossils to gather and put together and place in museums and establishments, didn’t understand he had discovered a brand new dinosaur at first. He knew an identical animal known as Akainocephalus, present in southern Utah, had just lately been described in a paper. A go to from Utah paleontologist Dr. James Kirkland quickly shed some gentle on the invention.

“[Kirkland] introduced a duplicate cranium of Akainocephalus to match our fossils to,” LuJan stated. “And that’s after we realized ‘Wow, it is a totally different animal!’ As a result of it’s very related, but it surely’s a brand new factor– It’s like evaluating a bison to a cape buffalo. They’re distinctly totally different.”

With the bones now collected, LuJan and his group have set in regards to the tough job of assembling the skeleton. It’s an advanced course of, requiring an method utilizing a number of strategies. They know that the animal is an ankylosaur, so Lujan and his group are going to make use of that as the premise to assist fill in any gaps.

“We are going to use casting and molding strategies,” LuJan defined. “We may even use 3D scanning and printing to reflect components of the animal we don’t have– for instance, if we’ve the left tibia however we don’t have a proper tibia, we will scan our left tibia and mirror it in a 3D rendering and print the precise bone that’s lacking, and it will likely be anatomically appropriate in dimension and form for our animal, as a result of it truly got here from our animal.”

As for arising with a reputation for the brand new dinosaur, which will take a bit extra time. LuJan says that the educational description– analyzing and describing all the bones and variations– of the specimen might take a number of years.


“We’re seeking to elevate some funds to proceed excavating for this dinosaur and utilizing a few of these supplies I discussed for the reconstruction,” he stated. “We’d additionally prefer to fly specialists in to work aspect by aspect to explain this animal and formally give it a reputation.”

Along with discovering new dinosaurs and working his paleontology firm, LuJan is the director museum in Hillsboro generally known as “Texas By way of Time,” the place guests there get to see a wide range of fossils collected within the area. After it’s assembled, maybe guests will get to view LuJan’s new ankylosaur there as properly. It’s an essential discovery, as his colleagues would agree.

“This discovery marks some of the essential current dinosaur finds in Texas and underscores the area’s potential for uncovering long-lost ecosystems,” Dr. Joseph Sertich, dinosaur curator on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, informed Fox Information. “As one of the best armored dinosaur from the southern US, this discovery will assist paleontologists join historical Texas to different massive discoveries from different components of the nation, elevating it to the extent of different dinosaur hotspots like Utah and Montana.”


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