NFL Player Demaryius Thomas’ Cause of Death Revealed

NFL Player Demaryius Thomas’ Cause of Death Revealed

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Demaryius Thomas‘ moms and dads are sharing more information about his death.

Seven months after the NFL star was discovered unresponsive in his Roswell,Ga house, his moms and dads, Bobby Thomas and Katina Stuckey Smith, exposed that his death was brought on by heart attack from a seizure condition.

“Cardiac arrest, you know, is the way that they’re trying to say what kinda happened to him,” Bobby stated in a July 5 interview with Good Morning America, including that Demaryius “suffocated—he died.”

Bobby and Katina stated they discovered these information after contributing his brain to research study. Through this procedure, they likewise learnt that Demaryius struggled with Stage 2 persistent distressing encephalopathy, a degenerative brain illness brought on by repetitive head injury that is typically discovered in professional athletes, according to the MayoClinic The unusual condition can trigger amnesia, problem believing, modifications in habits, state of mind swings and more signs.

Demaryius’ moms and dads stated he was experiencing comparable signs prior to his death.

“He was paranoid, like, all the time,” Bobby remembered. “But memory loss, I saw that, as well. Every single day, he complained about having a headache.”

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