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Nicola Coughlan Talks Bridgerton

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Nicola’s stylist, Aimée Croysdill, just recently informed Grazia that they’re both fans of Simone Rocha’s styles, which she referred to as having a “feminine and fun aesthetic.”

“The exaggerated shapes and delicate fabrics compliment Nicola so well,” Aimée shared. “We likewise like that Simone is half-Irish. As Nicola is a Galway woman, it felt [like] the best fit.”

But when the Bridgerton starlet isn’t making individuals turn heads with her style, she’s dropping significant tricks about the cherished Netflix series. “Ok I’m just curious,” she started her Twitter post over the weekend, “has anyone spotted the massive Easter Egg about Penelope in the very first scene of Bridgerton?”

After lots of guesses from her fans, she later on exposed the secret: “When I filmed Penelope’s first scene I chose a prop, a massive massive feather that looked a lot like… ‘The quill.'”

In the last episode of season one, it’s found that Nicola is—spoiler alert—Lady Whistledown. Her feathery device in the very first scene was a subtle mean her secret identity. Luckily, there’s going to be a season 2! Get all the information here.

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