Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern tease second season at Emmys

Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern tease second season at Emmys

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Though many of us might still be recovering from the emotional trauma that Big Little Lies inflicted on all of us, the cast from the show (which scooped 16 Emmy nominations and a few wins) were brimming with love for each other on the Emmy red carpet.

Speaking ahead of her red carpet arrival Nicole Kidman told The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re all seeing each other tonight. We’re all really close. Reese and I and Laura [Dern] are particularly close. And then Zoe’s [Kravitz] off working all the time. We’re all presenting together tomorrow night. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that. But whatever! I’m a rebel!”

2017 Emmy Awards: Handmaid’s Tale and Veep top winners

The Handmaid’s Tale and political comedy Veep won the top prizes at the Emmy awards on Sunday, where Saturday Night Live and Nicole Kidman were also big winners.

Then the whole crew turned up on the red carpet and they could not stop talking about how much they love each other.

Chatting to Giuliana Rancic, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman were totally the cool group at school trying not to giggle all the way through the assembly.

“We’re trying to be serious actresses,” Witherspoon said, but we’re “really good friends.”

The cast also spoke about all the rumours of a second season of Big Little Lies (rumoured to be in early stages of development).

“We want to do it. We love these women. It’s just tying to move pieces, and it’s complicated,” said Kidman.

“What she said,” added Witherspoon.

In a separate interview on the red carpet fellow cast member Zoe Kravitz was slightly less cagey.

“I think it would be great, if we find a storyline that feels honest and feels like it’s going to elevate what we’ve done, we’re all happy to do it. It’s a precious thing, the first one came out so well, so we want to be careful with what comes next.”

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley was also effusive about a second season, “yeah dude, of course,” she said when asked if she’d be in for a second series.

Woodley, who says she doesn’t own a TV (?!), was in on the love-in for the cast.

“[It was] so amazing to have a group of women who were so supportive of one another … nothing better than that.”

We’ll just be here, holding our breath, wishing we could be part of the squad. 

Meanwhile inside, Kidman used her win to shine a light on domestic violence and how she hopes to teach her two daughters about the power of acting.

“I want them to know sometimes when you’re acting you get a chance to bring a bigger message. And this is their contribution and your contribution. We shone a light on domestic abuse,” she said.

“It is a complicated, insidious disease. It exists far more than we allow ourselves to know. It is filled with shame and secrecy. And by you acknowledging me with this award, it shines a light on it even more. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

We are all Michelle Pfeiffer right now. 

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