Nikki Glaser Recalls Her First Time Meeting Taylor Swift

Nikki Glaser Recalls Her First Time Meeting Taylor Swift

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Nikki Glaser is still feeling the afterglow of conference Taylor Swift

The comic just recently remembered her very first time satisfying the renowned vocalist and exposed why that was the minute she ended up being a substantial fan of hers.

“I met her once backstage at the Red tour in 2012 and I wasn’t a die-hard Swiftie yet but that’s when I was converted,” she specifically informed E!’s Laverne Cox at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards onDec 6. “She was so normal backstage and I had just seen her do this gigantic thing and she was so nice and personable.”

Nikki shared that she had such an excellent experience conference Taylor, she does not always feel the requirement to reunite with her idol anytime quickly.

“I almost don’t want to meet her again, it would just be too much for her to handle,” she discussed. “And she needs to save her energy, not calming me down. She needs to write songs and just live her life so I feel like I don’t want to burden her with my fangirl.”

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