Nokia leads the pack in Android updates – Video

Nokia leads the pack in Android updates - Video

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If you desire the current variation of android as quickly as possible the Google Pixel is unsurpassable.
What if you do not desire the Pixel however you still desire the most recent variation of android as quickly as possible You need to be taking a look at Nokia.
According to a brand-new reports by research study company Counterpoint.
The business analyzed accumulative sales given that quarter 3 of 2018 to quarter 2 of 2019.
It discovered that almost 96% of Nokia’s mobile phones are currently working on Android Pie or have had an Android Pie upgrade released.
Counterpoint states Nokia is the fastest brand name in providing the current software application updates.
Covering 94% of its portfolio within a year of the launch of the current Android variation.
Let’s talk a bit about Nokia.
You might understand them from the Matrix or that meme where they 3310 is harder than all things.
Well, that was the initial Nokia that made all type of phones.
That initial Nokia got all friend friend with Microsoft Under Stephen Elop, Nokia went all in with Windows phone.
You understand what, that didn’t end too well.
Nokia then offered its mobile phones and services to Microsoft.
You understand what, that didn’t end too well either.
So Microsoft sold part of what needed to HMD Global.
HMD initially CEO was at initial Nokia for 17 years.
Now, Nokia phones run near to pure variations of android.
Generally, Nokia phones range from the low end to mid variety in regards to rates.
HMD likewise launched its roadmap for when its phones will get android 10 Pretty much its whole lineup will get 10 by q2 of 2020.
HMD’s Chief Product Officer stated quote, we are the only producer 100% dedicated to having the current Android throughout the whole portfolio.
That’s not the complete story.
Let’s return to the CounterPoint report.
In a surprise, the company stated.
We think that gadget makers require to step up their efforts to offer routine software application and security updates to their users.
Wow, in other news, water is damp.
And expert at counterpoint likewise discussed that high cost gadgets are typically upgraded initially.
No guess or doubt.
It would upgrade whatever rapidly.
After Nougat, Samsung remained in 2nd with 89% of its phones offered in the time duration getting pie or the pie upgrade released.
Number 3 was Xiaomi with 84%, Huawei was next with 82% then there’s a big drop with Lenovo at number 5, 43% of his gadgets that pie or upgrade released.
So you may be questioning, why do updates takes so long to get to my phone?
Let’s have a look at this Sony Infographic from in 2015, revealing the procedure of getting the current Android to its phones.
There are a great deal of actions, I’ll avoid a bit though.
First action, Google launches a brand-new variation of Android The phone maker gets the software application and ensure it deals with its hardware.
Then the phone maker gets standard functions working like calling and messaging.
Here’s where things can get disgusting.
Step 5, Sony getaway.
In this case, that suggests including Sony particular things like the lock screen experience system and other things.
Then there are rounds of screening.
After that the phone producer makes certain it satisfies tech requirements like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
And the last thing prior to launch is personalizations for providers.
As you can see, that is a long procedure.
Making sure the software application deals with every level takes a while.
Phones running near to pure variations of Android like those Nokia’s is can accelerate things by not personalizing the software application excessive, like because accreditation action.
It’s this entire procedure that results in all type of various variations of Android performing at one time.
Here’s a control panel from Google utilizing information gathered throughout the week in May 2019.
Pie was simply 10.4%.
Compare that to Apple, I understand, I understand, the business happily states that 90% of all gadgets presented in the last 4 years are utilizing iOS 12.
That is amazing.
In case you’re believing, who require updates?
First, congratulations on getting this far in the video not appreciating updates.
Second, updates typically bring more recent functions.
More significantly, holes are plugged.
It’s essential that your phone stays safe.
Anyway, last time we spoke about Google’ Smart Speaker troubles.
Gergo stated Google need to listen to its users, no pun meant.
We have actually been requesting for functions like different music volume, customized or a minimum of a couple of brand-new trigger words.
Better YouTube control, play memberships, much better suggestions.
For ages, I absolutely concur.
I would like some customized trigger words or expressions.
re connected text states Google speakers are still the very best wise speakers in my viewpoint.
Google Assistant is still the very best smarter system.
I typically share your viewpoint however like woman stated, I believe there is certainly space for enhancements.
Thanks to everybody for composing in.
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