NY state Sen. Biaggi, previous Cuomo assistant, was witness in harassment probe

NY state Sen. Biaggi, former Cuomo aide, was witness in harassment probe

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State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi, D-Bronx.

Hans Pennink | AP

New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi stated Wednesday that she was among the witnesses who talked to the state attorney general of the United States’s group leading the probe into unwanted sexual advances accusations versus Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Biaggi, who when operated in the guv’s workplace, informed CNBC that she consulted with private investigators in July in New York City. Although she did not supply information of those discussions, the legislator stated that while speaking to private investigators she repeated much of what she has actually currently described openly about her experiences working for Cuomo.

“I was interviewed,” Biaggi stated when asked if the attorney general of the United States’s group talked to her, validating that the conference happened last month in the Big Apple.

Biaggi informed CNBC that her interview with the attorney general of the United States’s workplace for the Cuomo examination shows that those checking out the guv’s supposed habits were exceptionally comprehensive and turned over every rock to get to the fact.

“Why that also matters is that one of the things we are seeing as viewers of the governor’s response is that there is an attempt to undermine the credibility of the reporting,” Biaggi stated. “There’s also an attempt now to undermine the credibility of the witnesses, namely the 11 women and more specifically Charlotte Bennett.”

Bennett stepped forward with accusations in February that Cuomo sexually bugged her when she worked for him as a health policy consultant.

“I think it’s very important that your readers understand that there was a thoroughness to the investigation and then, where it was found that a witness was credible, that was because there was corroborating evidence,” Biaggi stated.

Biaggi has actually formerly explained a harmful workplace within the guv’s workplace. Since the report came out, Biaggi has actually contacted Cuomo to either resign, and if he does not, for the state Assembly to impeach him. Cuomo has actually continued to reject misbehavior.

“It is a culture where people are incessantly berated and yelled at,” Biaggi, a progressive who represents New York’s 34th District, stated in another interview previously this year. “There is intimidation tactics that happen if you’re not considered someone who is going to just carry out the orders or the commands of the governor in a way that, perhaps, that he sees fit, even if you believe that it’s unethical.”

The New York state attorney general of the United States’s report states Cuomo sexually bugged a minimum of 11 ladies and broke state in addition to federal laws. The Manhattan and Westchester district lawyers asked New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday for proof associated to her workplace’s bombshell report.

The report itself does not call specific witnesses however notes that James’ group talked to lots of people.

“During the course of our investigation, we interviewed dozens of individuals, who were comprised of complainants, current and former members of the Executive Chamber, State Troopers, other State employees, and others who interacted regularly with the Governor,” the report states.

Biaggi did not dismiss running for guv or another greater officer, such as lieutenant guv or comptroller, although she did recommend that she was waiting to see what occurred beside Cuomo prior to she makes a future choice. CNBC reported last month that she was independently thinking about a main difficulty versus Cuomo.

“It’s a reasonable question but what I will say to you is that it is absolutely not my focus because it’s not over. Not even close,” Biaggi stated when asked whether she is thinking of running for greater workplace, consisting of guv.

“Until this person is no longer in office, even having a conversation about it is not really helpful because the most important that I can do in this moment, and also until he is no longer in office, is to make sure he is no longer in office, because of the harm he is causing,” Biaggi stated.

“Until that’s done I think that’s where all of our focus should be and anything else, until then, is really very much a distraction,” she included.