Offerings to supernatural deities discovered in Lake Titicaca in the Andes


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A staff of archaeological divers has uncovered dazzling treasures on the backside of Lake Titicaca, together with a puma carved out of the blue gemstone lapis-lazuli, gold medallions and a turquoise stone pendant.

These riches have been doubtless supplied to supernatural deities tons of of years in the past by elite folks from the Tiwanaku tradition, which established the primary giant state within the Andes Mountains from about 500 to 1100, the researchers stated.

However these swanky items weren’t the one lavish facet of the providing; it seems the Tiwanaku boated to a small rock outcrop close to the center of Lake Titicaca — primarily a tiny island, which is now underwater — and introduced the choices there, the researchers stated. [Photos: Diving for Ancient Offerings in Lake Titicaca]

It is simple to see why this tiny island would have been a lovely spot for ritualistic choices, stated Christine Hastorf, a professor of anthropology on the College of California, Berkeley, who wasn’t concerned with the research. In any case, it will have been the closest piece of land to the middle of the huge lake.

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“I might see why it will be the sacred of sacreds,” Hastorf instructed Reside Science. “You’ll be essentially the most into the lake and nonetheless standing on one thing, should you might stand on that little [island].”

Divers’ paradise

Divers have recognized for many years in regards to the treasures on the backside of Lake Titicaca — the best giant lake on the earth, which straddles the boundary between Peru and Bolivia. The primary discovery got here in 1977, when novice Japanese divers in Bolivia found a rocky space often known as Khoa Reef by the Island of the Solar in Lake Titicaca. The reef held wonderful artifacts: fragments of ceramic incense burners formed like cats and providing containers holding miniature collectible figurines customary from the shells of Spondylus, a thorny oyster.

Observe-up diving expeditions in 1988 and 1989-1992 at Khoa Reef recovered an unbelievable 385 artifacts, together with llama bones, ceramics, stone, gold and silver. Among the artifacts have been Inca in origin (the Inca thought of Lake Titicaca to be the middle of the cosmos and the origin of humankind, so it is no shock they made choices to it), however others clearly belonged to the Tiwanaku.

Nonetheless, as a result of the rocky reef had accrued sediment and shifted over time, research lead researcher Christophe Delaere, an archaeologist on the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology on the College of Oxford, in England, and his colleagues determined to do a scientific excavation of the positioning.

In 2013, dives to the lake’s backside paid off — they discovered a wealth of riches, which make clear the Tiwanaku’s non secular beliefs and rituals, stated research co-researcher José Capriles, an assistant professor of anthropology at Penn State College. As an illustration, the invention of charcoal on the underwater web site suggests the Tiwanaku have been burning among the choices, he stated.

Along with the cat incense burners, they discovered steel ornaments — together with gold medallions engraved with the Tiwanaku ray-faced deity — and semiprecious stone artifacts. The divers additionally discovered bones from domesticated llamas (Llama glama). The artifacts had radiocarbon dates from 794 to 964, a time akin to the Tiwanaku state, the researchers stated.

The reef additionally held bones of water birds, together with teals and cormorants, in addition to frogs, killifish and catfish. A few of these animals doubtless weren’t sacrificed, they usually most likely died there naturally, Capriles stated. However different animals might reveal historical commerce routes. As an illustration, the Spondylus shells doubtless got here from the nice and cozy ocean waters off the Ecuadorian coast, practically 1,240 miles (2,000 kilometers) away, the researchers stated. [Andes: World’s Longest Mountain Range]

Lake spirit

The research is “spectacular” as a result of it included three systematic excavations “as a substitute of simply randomly choosing up issues from underwater, which is what we had beforehand,” Hastorf stated. Furthermore, the findings present the variety of supplies the Tiwanaku deemed worthy sufficient to supply to the gods, she stated.

Even at present, the indigenous Aymara folks of the Andes regard the lake as having mystical powers, stated Hastorf, who does archaeological analysis alongside the shores of Lake Titicaca. “I personally have given a present to the lake,” she stated. Years in the past, her younger son fell into the lake. He was rescued, however he later obtained a chilly.

“All people locally stated, ‘Be careful, the spirit of the lake goes to take your son, it’s a must to make an providing. It’s important to give one thing to the lake,'” Hastorf recalled. “So, we did a ceremony and we gave one thing to the lake .” (Her son is now positive, she added, and even described the occasion in his faculty software.)

Hastorf continued, “These choices make a lot of sense to me. The religious leaders would have gone there [to Khoa Reef] with miniatures. They’re giving smoke [from burnt offerings] to the sky, they usually’re giving [these figurines] to the lake.

The research was printed on-line at present (April 1) within the journal Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences.

Initially printed on Reside Science.

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