OMG! Samyang Now Sells Spicy Chicken Kimbap and We Need It In Our Mouths!


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WHAT!? Samyang Buldak flavoured KIMBAP!?

Samyang kimbap - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

For those who love Samyang’s Buldak Bokkeum Myeon (Spicy Rooster Noodles), you’ll positively love this too!

On 18 April, GS25 (a comfort retailer in South Korea) introduced their collaboration with Samyang, introducing the in-store-only Buldak flavoured kimbap!

Samyang kimbap - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Supply: MK News

It’s called Buldak Frank (Sausage) Kimbap! Not only does it feature the famous Buldak sauce, but also has Frankfurters (which is different from the typical SPAM in kimbap)! Both the rice and Frankfurters are drenched in the fiery Buldak sauce, making the kimbap extra intense and rich.

Samyang kimbap - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Airfrov

Now, this guy shared that Singaporeans are clamouring to order the special kimbap all the way from Korea via proxy buyers, starting at S$6 (RM18) per roll! And the original price for this is only ₩2,400, which is about RM8.50.

Samyang kimbap - WORLD OF BUZZ

Malaysian proxy buyers are yet to be found. If anyone wants to bring in this amazing combo, go ahead so fellow Malaysians get to enjoy it too!

Although we’re feeling a little jelly about our neighbours, we wish to hear their reviews on this kimbap soon!

You can definitely check GS25 out when you visit Korea. If you’re not visiting anytime soon, you can tumpang and get your friends to buy you some the next time they do.

Are you hungry for Samyang Buldak flavoured Kimbap too? Let us know in the comments!

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Buldak Bokkeum Flavoured Kimbap!? OMG - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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