‘OMG This Is Wrong!’ Retired English Teacher Marks Up a White House Letter and Sends It Back


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The notes had been sprawled throughout a letter bearing President Trump’s signature.

Within the high left nook: “Have y’all tried grammar & model examine?”

On the high proper: “Federal is capitalized solely when used as a part of a correct noun.”

And towards the underside: “OMG that is WRONG!”

The letter, dated Could three and printed on White Home stationery, was addressed to Yvonne Mason, 61, a former highschool English trainer who retired final yr however hadn’t fairly left “grading-paper mode,” she mentioned on Sunday.

So when she acquired the letter within the mail, she pulled out her go-to purple pen and began making corrections. Then she snapped an image, posted the letter on Fb and mailed it again to the White Home.

“You’re important. You need to be a part of this, you need to pay attention to what’s going on,” she said.

When word spread about the corrected letter she had sent to the White House, Ms. Mason received hundreds of messages from people across the country — some positive (a lawyer in Houston wanted to know if she would be interested in looking over his appellate briefs) and others venomous (one person suggested she “must be a lonely bitter hag with a lot of cats”).

But Ms. Mason wasn’t focusing on the negativity.

“Let them have their day, bless their little hearts,” she said. “They aren’t changing my mind.”

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