One of the Famous Cats Who Tried to Enter Japanese Museum for YEARS Has Found His Forever Home


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Remember the two adorable cats who have been trying to get into the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan since 2016? They were especially persistent and in doing so, they have become online celebrities as netizens were charmed by these two art-loving kitties.

The black kitty is known as Ken-chan while the ginger cat is known as Go-chan and together, they have been spotted trying to enter the museum for years, only to be gently but firmly stopped by the security guard, the Guardian reports. In fact, the guards at the museum know the two cats well and they have struck up a friendship, although they cannot let the felines enter the museum.

But now it looks like Go-chan’s days of trying to break into the museum are over, based on the museum’s Twitter account. On May 17, they tweeted the two kitties meeting each other and it looks exactly like they are saying goodbye to each other.

Then on May 18, the museum posted a short video of Go-chan having his last run around the perimeter. He had finally found his forever home and would not be spending his days roaming around anymore. However, before he left the museum, they granted him his dearest wish, by allowing him to enter the museum briefly. Go-chan looks like he can’t believe his luck and walks inside to explore the place he has been wanting to enter for years.

Ken-chan is the resident cat of a nearby restaurant but Go-chan does not have an owner, until he was adopted recently. The two cats were so popular that the museum produce merchandise based on them and visitors love it so much, they’re flying off the shelves.

Although Ken-chan still visits the museum regularly, the staff misses Go-chan, until another familiar cat appeared on the scene on June 4. The kitty, known as Kuu-chan is actually another regular but she isn’t a stray as she lives in a nearby house. She has been keeping Ken-chan and Go-chan company in the past and has been like a mother to them.

Meanwhile, it looks like the museum is really missing Go-chan as they posted several throwback photos of the ginger kitty. As for Ken-chan, he is still trying to get into the museum although his partner isn’t here anymore. The museum also posted a few updates about Go-chan, who looks like he is enjoying his life being a house cat at last. We don’t blame him!

Goodbye, Go-chan! We’ll miss you!


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