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Josh Hartnett is sharing some thankfulness.

At the 2024 DROOP AwardsFeb 24, the Pearl Harbor star– who left the spotlight in the mid-aughts– went back to Hollywood, marking his very first public occasion in the United States in over 6 years. (See every star on the red carpet here.)

And while he was turned heads with his presence, the Oppenheimer star turned his attention to his castmates, like Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh and director Christopher Nolan

“Being in the film with these other actors and just Chris deciding to choose me to play this role was the winning goal,” Josh solely informed Live From E!: DROOP Awards host Laverne Cox “We had a fun time making the film and then for it to be so phenomenally received and to have it be nominated by our peers for acting categories, across the board, is great.”

So why go back to the spotlight for the droop Awards? Well, Josh– who went to the U.K. BAFTAsFeb 18– is chosen in the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture classification together with his costars.