Outlast’s Jill Ashock Promises a “Rude Awakening” for Viewers

Outlast's Jill Ashock Promises a

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Who will be last standing in the last frontier?

That’s the concern Netflix presents in its brand-new truth series, Outlast Only in this survival program, embeded in the Alaskan wilderness, you actually can’t go it alone. Contestant Jill Ashock teased what to get out of the eight-episode social experiment, which dropped March 10.

“I know people think that they’re getting ready to watch just another survival wilderness kind of reality TV show,” she specifically informed E! News on March 9. “They’re in for a rude awakening.”

As the private detective put it: “Outlast resembles a scary movie, Hunger Games and all the other survival reveals thrown up and put in a mixer with a great deal of bitter sour and vodka and they churn all of it up and simply push it down our throats. And that’s what the audiences are gon na get.”

The series– from executive manufacturer Jason Bateman— stars 16 nature enthusiasts with differing degrees of survival abilities. While there are no straight-out removals, the twist to Outlast is that to stay in the video game (and ultimately win a few of the $1 million reward) you need to become part of a group.