Ozone Proved to Be Highly Efficient in Effective in Disinfecting Coronavirus

Ines Zucker

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Dr. Ines Zucker. Credit: Tel Aviv University

Studies have actually revealed that SARS-CoV-2 stays active on aerosols and surface areas for in between a number of hours and a number of days, depending upon the nature of the surface area and ecological conditions. Presently, scientists from Tel Aviv University have actually shown that ozone, which has actually currently long been utilized as an anti-bacterial and antiviral representative in water treatment, efficiently sterilizes surface areas versus Coronavirus after brief direct exposure to low concentrations of ozone.

The research study group was led by Dr. Ines Zucker from the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Ivy and Eldar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering and the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at the Tel Aviv University. Dr. Zucker teamed up with Dr. Moshe Dessau from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine at Bar Ilan University in the Galilee and Dr. Yaal Lester from the Azrieli College in Jerusalem in order to examine the expediency of ozone for indoor inactivation of SARSCoV-2.

The initial findings of the research study were released in the Journal: Environmental Chemistry Letters.

Virus Ozone Exposure

Placing drops of infection suspension on sterilized surface areas prior to ozone direct exposure. Credit: Tel Aviv University

Most individuals acknowledge ozone as a thin layer of the Earth’s environment that guards us versus the hazardous impacts of UV radiation. However, ozone is likewise referred to as a strong oxidant and disinfectant utilized in water and wastewater treatment plans. Within the research study structure, the research study group chose to adjust the systems whereby they utilize ozone to break down natural toxins from infected waters and show the anticipated effectiveness of the ozone in reducing the effects of Coronavirus.

Ozone gas is produced by electrical discharge (the breakdown of chemical substances into their aspects utilizing electrical present), in the course of which oxygen particles are rebuilded in the type of ozone particles. In the course of their research study, the scientists showed the inactivation from numerous contaminated surface areas, even in hard-to-reach areas. They showed a high level of disinfection within minutes, even on surface areas not usually decontaminated with manually-applied liquid disinfectants with an analytical success rate of above 90%. According to Dr. Ines Zucker, the technique includes economical and easily offered innovation, which can be made use of to decontaminate healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, and even airplane and home entertainment halls.

“Gaseous ozone is generated from oxygen gas by electrical discharge. Now, for the first time, we have managed to prove that it is highly efficient in combating Coronavirus as well,” tensions Dr. Zucker. “Its advantage over common disinfectants (such as alcohol and bleach) is its ability to disinfect objects and aerosols within a room, and not just exposed surfaces, rapidly and with no danger to public health.” Dr. Zucker approximates that, because the gas can be produced fairly inexpensively and quickly, it needs to be possible to present ozone disinfecting systems on a commercial scale to fight the COVID-19 break out.

Reference: “Pseudoviruses for the assessment of coronavirus disinfection by ozone” by Ines Zucker, Yaal Lester, Joel Alter, Michal Werbner, Yinon Yecheskel, Meital Gal-Tanamy and Moshe Dessau, 13 January 2021, Environmental Chemistry Letters.
DOI: 10.1007/s10311-020-01160-0

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