Paedophile victim fears her abuser ‘fabricated his death to return into the UK’

    Hafiz Rahman. Hafiz Rahman's victim fears the paedophile has faked his own death in Bangladesh to sneak back into the UK.

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    Hafiz Rahman ran away the UK to Bangladesh after he was founded guilty for abusing girls in October 2016 (Picture: SWNS)

    A paedophile’s victim fears her abuser has actually fabricated his own death in Bangladesh to attempt and slip back into the UK. 

    Hafiz Rahman, 63, was a spiritual leader who was ‘treated like royalty by the Muslim community’ when he abused 2 girls for several years, from ages 6 and 7.

    Wolverhampton Crown Court convicted him of 5 charges of indecent attack in October 2016 while he was at house on bail, which the judge enabled due to the fact that he had actually fallen ill. 

    Although cops went to his home and took his passport the day prior to he was sentenced, they missed out on the phony passport he later on utilized to leave to Bangladesh. 

    Rahman has actually been gone since he left the nation and his household have actually now stated the sex wrongdoer passed away while in hiding. 

    But the West Midlands Police force wishes to examine these claims. 

    One of his victims, who is now 45 years of ages with a kid, was mistreated every day in between the ages of 7 and 11 in the 1980s.

    A general view of Wolverhampton Crown Court. Hafiz Rahman's victim, Nabila Sharma, fears the paedophile has faked his own death in Bangladesh to sneak back into the UK.

    The sex wrongdoer was expected to go to prison for 11 years after Wolverhampton Crown Court sentenced him in 2016 (Picture: PA)

    She stated: ‘I don’t think for a 2nd he’s dead.

    ‘His family claimed they had not seen or spoken to him since he fled – so how do they know that he’s dead?

    ‘I think he’s fabricated his own death to come back to the UK due to the fact that he’s dumb enough to do that.

    ‘I have actually not quit on a day of lastly getting justice however the discomfort is continuous.

    ‘Sometimes you wonder why you bothered coming forward, but I’m delighted I did since that provided another victim the guts to come forward also.

    ‘I require it to be over and for him to be brought to trial.

    ‘He has definitely no conscience over what he did. If anybody understands where he is or has any details, please call the cops.

    ‘I constantly think one day I will get that call stating “we have got him”.’ 

    Rahman was expected to serve 11 years behind bars and sign the sex wrongdoer’s register, prohibiting him from dealing with kids ever once again. 

    His dreadful abuse at Queens Cross Mosque, in Cradley Heath, was exposed in 2014 when a victim fearlessly stepped forward about what occurred to her.

    Since Rahman’s escape, British cops have actually released a warrant for his arrest. If he is ever discovered, he will need to deal with more prison time than his 11-year sentence for absconding. 

    West Midlands Police stated: ’We have actually gotten details that the absconded wrongdoer has actually passed away in Bangladesh.

    ‘We are making enquiries with the Foreign Office and Bangladeshi authorities to confirm the accuracy of this information.’

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