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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Marijuana’s 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes

Marijuana customers' self-proclaimed vacation is linked with a slight improve in deadly U.S. automotive crashes, an...
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President speaks about Florida school shooting

Like previous mass shootings, the bloodbath in Florida swiftly reignited a nationwide debate about entry to assault weapons and attainable adjustments to gun...

Early Presidential Candidate John Delaney Is Already Running Two Ads In...

Maryland Rep. John Delaney, the primary Democrat to announce a presidential bid towards Donald Trump, is now operating two...

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Amazon is shutting down its “Underground Actually Free” program that gives away free Android apps

Late on Friday, Amazon announced it will be shutting down its “Underground...
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“Punitive” Student Loan Interest Rates Are Too High, MPs Say

An influential committee of MPs and scholar teams have referred to as on the federal government to vary the...

19 TV Show Endings That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of...

"The present steadily misplaced high quality after Season four, however the final episode was soooooooo unhealthy. I hoped that at the...

41 Hacks, Products And Tips To Keep You Looking Beautiful

Suzy Gerstein, Honey Artists: "There are only a few absolute dos and don'ts relating to making use of make-up. There are...

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton Has Just Been Ousted By Party Members

Henry Bolton has stepped down as leader of UKIP just five months after being elected leader, after members overwhelmingly...

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