Paige DeSorbo Shares theNo 1 Affordable Accessory You Need

Paige DeSorbo Shares the No. 1 Affordable Accessory You Need

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Paige isn’t the only Amazon consumer who likes this belt. Here are some rave evaluations from Amazon clients.

CR Reversible Belt Reviews

A consumer stated, “Great value! While I absolutely love that this belt is genuine QUALITY leather, the fact that it’s reversible completely takes the cake. You truly get 2 belts in one – a black and a brown. You just flip around (spin around?) the buckle when you want to wear it the other way so you can poke the metal piece in the hole. There was a bit of a learning experience curve with that for me, as I’m not really used to reversible buckles. The brown is super neutral, as is the gold on the buckle. This belt was a great choice.”

Another shared, “The leather belt is a classic and comes in both of the most desirable colors. It is a good width but still fits in the belt loops of my pants. The buckle is easy to turn so that the belt is really reversible with brown and black options. It’s great for travel so you can have both color options in one. The leather is soft and supple and also sturdy. It fits well and has holes to accommodate a change in sizes either way. It’s a good addition to my wardrobe.”

Someone examined, “I needed a black belt but found this gem. I love that it flips to brown. Worth every dime!”

“Cute and attention getting. That what I was looking for. Just dropped 50 lbs. and feel so good I want folks to notice me more,” a buyer examined.

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