Parents Install CCTV in Bedroom and Bathroom to Make Sure Their 15-Year-Old Son Does Not Masturbate


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Masturbation just isn’t a standard subject folks discuss publicly. Many have divided opinions on masturbation, some assume it’s fully regular, whereas some assume in any other case.

A 15-year-old teenager from Atlanta, US, posted on Reddit’s authorized part asking for recommendation. He wrote that his dad and mom had put in cameras in his bed room, intending to stop him from masturbating. It led him feeling embarrassed, and that his privateness was finally destroyed.

parents installed cctv to stop son from masturbating, son plans to sue them - WORLD OF BUZZ

Supply: Reddit

He described that the cause of this act was when his father barged into his room without knocking, and he started screaming at the teenager. He then describes the situation saying,

“He (father) and my mom then sat me down and told me I’m not allowed to touch myself.”

The teenager also claimed the cameras have also been installed in the BATHROOM. WTF? This was discovered because he noticed an Amazon package delivered to his home, and a CCTV camera was found inside.

parents installed cctv to stop son from masturbating, son plans to sue them - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

His parents told him that they would monitor the cameras every day to make sure he doesn’t masturbate.

The boy voiced out that he wasn’t okay with that, but his father said he already agreed not to masturbate. It wasn’t stated clearly if he agreed to stop masturbating in the first place, but this is still a violation of privacy!

According to The Sun, the parents are against pre-marital sexual activities, and apparently, they’ve also stopped the teenager from taking part in sex education classes at school. This sounds absolutely ridiculous.

parents installed cctv to stop son from masturbating, son plans to sue them - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

The original post was then taken down, and nobody knows what happened to the boy.

A person commented and asked him to talk to a teacher his trusts because his parents’ behaviour is “extremely alarming”. The commenter also reminded the boy that he needs “a reasonable amount of privacy” while he’s using the bathroom or changing.

It sounds absurd when basic privacy is being violated by one’s very own parents! Putting religious or personal beliefs aside, the parents may have committed a crime in doing so.

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15yo Caught Masturbating, Parents Install CCTV In Bedroom and Bathroom To Monitor Him - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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