Paris Hilton and Jojo Siwa Just Swapped Looks – E! Online

Paris Hilton and Jojo Siwa Just Swapped Looks - E! Online

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Jojo Siwa and Paris Hilton have totally special designs—and they could not be more various! Sometimes, however, modification is great—which might be why the social networks super stars chose to switch designs for the day. 

The rainbow and sweet caring Jojo, who increased to popularity on Dance Moms and now boasts almost 12 million customers on YouTube, required to TikTok and Instagram on Saturday, Sept. 26 to flaunt her and Paris’ make overs.

“Sister life swap!” Jojo teased. “First day in heels…. feelin like a ‘boss babe.'”

Even though Jojo was transporting Paris, she still handled to put on among her signature bows. Paris, for her part, used a vibrant red, white and blue attire. 

“Oh my gosh how do you do this?!” Jojo exclaimed when trying to stroll in Paris’ shoes in the TikTok video. 

Paris joked, “It’s an art.”

Paris and Jojo have actually worked together over the previous week. On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the “CEOs of being extra” did a TikTok Live together, where they bonded over their shared love of New York Fashion Week. They likewise made a video in which they compared their customized cars and trucks.

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