Peacock’s No Bad Days Trailer Turns Tragedy Into Comedy

Peacock's No Bad Days Trailer Turns Tragedy Into Comedy

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If there’s something comics are excellent at, it’s discovering the light in a dark circumstance.

Alyssa Limperis is checking out the death of her dad through an easy going lens in her new funny unique No Bad Days, which premieres August 12 on Peacock.

“My dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and then a year later, he passed away,” she states in the special’s very first appearance trailer. “And then, a day later, I went to a café, and they were all out of oat milk. So, it’s like, ‘Pile it on.'”

From offering a lesson on the phases of sorrow and asking audience members if they can feel her daddy’s existence to playing a video game of “Who Wants to Be My Dad?,” Limperis will take audiences on a journey of discomfort and loss while highlighting the appeal in daily life.

“This special is deeply personal to me,” the star composed in a news release declaration. “I wrote this piece in the throes of grief after losing my dad to brain cancer in 2015.”

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