Perfect Match’s Francesca Farago “Bawled” Over Show Rules

Perfect Match's Francesca Farago

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Francesca Farago‘s current effort at trying to find love was anything however ideal.

The Perfect Match star got honest about her time on the truth program, declaring production was not straight-forward about the dating competitors’s logistics. In reality, she just recently confessed she “probably wouldn’t have done the show” if they had actually informed her the reality.

“I was told that we would not be sharing rooms with men,” Francesca described on theFeb 23 episode of the Viall Files podcast. “I was told it would be girls and boys, separate houses. So, I was like, ‘Perfect, I’ll do it.’ But I’m not going to do it if I’m having to share a room because I had to do it with my ex on a show and I regretted it.”

The Too Hot to Handle alum continued, “When the rules were dropped that we had to match up and go sleep in the same bed, I bawled my eyes out for a day. All that wasn’t shown.”

And she declares she wasn’t the only one unpleasant by the set-up (E! News has actually connected to Netflix for remark).