Perlis Uncle’s Pet Malayan Porcupines Cry & Sulk For Roti Canai, And They Love Gardenia Too!


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The animal kingdom by no means fails to amaze. With blue snakes, dolphins that pass puffer fishes around to get high and porcupines addicted to roti canai… Wait what?!

According to Astro Awani, there are 5 Malayan porcupines under the care of a retiree in Perlis called Pak Lid (but we would like to call him Pak Lit. Ayyyyy) who are addicted to roti canai.

Pak Lit actually has the licences required to rear these porcupines (don’t come for him, guys) and it has been 3 years since he started taking care of them. He said that the porcupines will sulk if they are fed late, and then Pak Lit will need to give them some turnips or pumpkin pieces to cheer them up.

It was reported that each porcupine will finish 1 roti canai each, but sometimes when their appetites are bigger, they will sulk and whine for more.

The story behind the addiction started 2 years back when Pak Lit invited his friends over and bought too much roti canai. As he didn’t want to waste the leftovers, he gave them to his porcupines, and he saw that they loved it.

Lit M'sian Uncle's Malayan Porcupines Are Addicted to Roti Canai - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Utusan

Other than that, they also love Gardenia bread and chapati! True blue Malaysians!

Although they are pampered creatures, they still don’t take well to strangers. They allegedly attacked the Astro Awani camera person.

Isn’t this a weird story? Those porcupines are defo cute but let’s hope Pak Lit doesn’t overfeed them with roti canai, as the food can be quite oily at times!


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Lit M'sian Uncle's Malayan Porcupines Are Addicted to Roti Canai - WORLD OF BUZZ

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