Phoebe Dynevor on What It’s Like Seeing Bridgerton With Family – E! Online

Phoebe Dynevor on What It's Like Seeing Bridgerton With Family - E! Online

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It’s clear Bridgerton has some steamy scenes—particularly in between Phoebe Dynevor‘s and Regé-Jean Page‘s characters. So, what was it like for the 25-year-old starlet to view the program back with her household?

“I’m happy for Mum and Dad to see it, because they know the industry, and they know how hard I worked, and how much it meant to me getting that role,” she informed The Guardian for an interview released Jan. 17. “But not my grandparents. And with my younger brother… well, it’s awkward.”

But when it pertained to recording the sex scenes, Dynevor states they would practice them “like stunts.”

“I would literally know exactly where a guy was going to put his hand at what moment,” she describes to the publication. “And we’d have props, like mats, that went in between us. It was more intricately choreographed than our dance routines in a way, so I never really felt exposed at all.”

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