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Physics scientists at the University of North Florida’s Atomic LEGO Lab found a brand-new electronic phenomenon they call“asymmetric ferroelectricity” The research study led byDr Maitri Warusawithana, UNF physics assistant teacher, in partnership with scientists at the University of Illinois and the Arizona State University, showed this phenomenon for the very first time in crafted two-dimensional crystals.

UNF Atomic LEGO Lab

University of North Florida’s Atomic LEGOLab Credit: UNF

This discovery of uneven ferroelectricity in crafted crystals comes precisely 100 years following the discovery of ferroelectricity in specific naturally happening crystals. Ferroelectric crystals– crystals that reveal 2 equivalent bistable polarization states– are now utilized in numerous state-of-the-art applications consisting of solid-state memory, RFID cards, sensing units and accuracy actuators.

Utilizing atomic-scale products style, the group of scientists has actually shown a qualitatively brand-new phenomenon, uneven ferroelectricity, for the very first time. These crafted crystals result in an uneven bi-stability with 2 unequal steady polarization states in contrast to a natural ferroelectric.

Warusawithana hopes this very first observation of uneven ferroelectricity attained through materials-by-design will even more look into on customized electronic residential or commercial properties and might discover its method into intriguing technological applications.

The brand-new discovery is included in the physics journal, Physical Review B

Reference: “Asymmetric ferroelectricity by design in atomic-layer superlattices with broken inversion symmetry” by Maitri P. Warusawithana, Caitlin S. Kengle, Xun Zhan, Hao Chen, Eugene V. Colla, Michael O’Keeffe, Jian-Min Zuo, Michael B. Weissman and James N. Eckstein, 4 August 2021, Physical Review B
DOI: 10.1103/ PhysRevB.104085103

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