Pontius Pilate-commissioned ‘lost’ road to Temple Mount uncovered


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A 2,000-year-old avenue believed to have been created underneath the orders of Pontius Pilate has been present in Jerusalem.

A analysis printed in Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology particulars a hidden street that has been excavated for the previous six years. Greater than 100 cash that date again to 31 A.D. have been founding beneath the paving stones, which  “offers sturdy proof that the road was commissioned by Pontius Pilate,” based on a press release saying the findings.

“Relationship utilizing cash could be very precise,” mentioned one of many research’s co-authors, Donald Ariel, an archaeologist and coin skilled with the Israel Antiquities Authority, within the assertion. “As some cash have the 12 months wherein they have been minted on them, what which means is that if a coin with the date 30 CE on it’s discovered beneath the road, the road needed to be inbuilt the identical 12 months or after that coin had been minted, so any time after 30 CE.”

This is a location map, marking excavation sites. CREDIT (drawing: D. Levi, IAA; printed by permission of the Survey of Israel).

This can be a location map, marking excavation websites. CREDIT (drawing: D. Levi, IAA; printed by permission of the Survey of Israel).


“Nevertheless, our research goes additional, as a result of statistically, cash minted some 10 years later are the most typical cash in Jerusalem, so not having them beneath the road means the road was constructed earlier than their look, in different phrases solely within the time of Pilate,” Ariel added.

The newly found stretch of street spans 220 meters (721 ft) and goes from the Pool of Siloam to Temple Mount. This roadway doubtless utilized by worshippers who have been headed towards Temple Mount, thought-about a holy web site by Christians and Jews.

The ancient walkway most likely used by pilgrims as they made their way to worship at the Temple Mount was first discovered in 1894 by British archaeologists in the "City of David" within the walls of Jerusalem. (Credit: SWNS)

The traditional walkway almost certainly utilized by pilgrims as they made their option to worship on the Temple Mount was first found in 1894 by British archaeologists within the “Metropolis of David” throughout the partitions of Jerusalem. (Credit score: SWNS)

The Temple, which was constructed within the Previous Metropolis of Jerusalem, can also be the positioning the place Jesus is alleged to have cured a person’s blindness by sending him to scrub within the Siloam Pool.

Your complete avenue was doubtless 600 meters lengthy and eight meters broad, comprised of huge stone slabs, a trademark of the Roman Empire. The researchers imagine it might have taken round 10,000 tons of quarried limestone rock to make use of within the building of the street.

The truth that the street is taken into account “opulent and grand” is extra proof that this was a street of significance.


“If this was a easy walkway connecting level A to level B, there could be no must construct such a grand avenue,” the research’s co-authors, Joe Uziel and Moran Hagbi, added within the assertion. “At its minimal, it’s eight meters broad. This, coupled with its finely carved stone and ornate ‘furnishings’ like a stepped podium alongside the road, all point out that this was a particular avenue.”

Researchers have now found more than 100 coins beneath the paving stones that date the street to around the year 31 A.D. (Credit: SWNS)

Researchers have now discovered greater than 100 cash beneath the paving stones that date the road to across the 12 months 31 A.D. (Credit score: SWNS)

Nahshon Szanton, one other of the research’s co-authors, mentioned the road could have been grandiose for a number of causes: to “appease the residents of Jerusalem;” to see how “Jerusalem would slot in the Roman world;” or to “aggrandize his [Pilate’s] title by main constructing tasks.”

In November 2018, a hoop that was found 50 years in the past was recognized as doubtless belonging to Pilate after the Greek inscription “Pilatus” was seen clearly on the ring.


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