Poor Student Rewarded with Milo Powder by Teacher, Now Is a US Engineer



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College students will always remember the academics who made an enormous distinction of their lives.

And this can be a story a few variety instructor and her scholar who secretly ate her Milo powder.

17 years in the past, Madam Lew, a substitute instructor from Ipoh introduced a scholar dwelling to additional information him in his research as a result of his household was unable to rent tuition academics for him. The scholar additionally had studying disabilities and had unhealthy outcomes.

Sooner or later when the coed’s mom got here to Madam Lew’s place to select him up, the instructor couldn’t discover him. It seems that he was hiding in her kitchen, stuffing his cheeks with Milo powder. Panicked upon being observed, the coed nearly cried. The instructor hurriedly wiped his face clear and despatched him to his mother.

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Since then, she began to use Milo powder as a form of reward whenever he performed well in his studies. This genius idea continued for the next three years.

Fast forward to 16 June 2019, she received a text message from the student.

student with learning disability - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

This inspiring story was shared as a Facebook post by the teacher herself, Swallow Lew.

In the text message, the student asked Madam Lew if she remembered him by hinting at his Milo-loving childhood self. She asked how’s he doing now in life and he replies,

“I’m now an engineer in the US. The first person I’d like to see right after I come back would be you, teacher.”

Madam Lew jokingly replied, “You’re not going to repay me with a dozen Milo tins, right?”.

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Source: Facebook

Madam Lew is indeed a dedicated and loving teacher who put her students first. And who doesn’t love himself a spoonful of yummy Milo powder?

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