President Biden gets in touch with Congress to suspend U.S. gas tax for 90 days

President Biden calls on Congress to suspend U.S. gas tax for 90 days

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United States President Biden provides remarks on efforts to lower high gas costs in the South Court Auditorium at Eisenhower Executive Office Building June 22, 2022 in Washington, DC.

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President Joe Biden gotten in touch with Congress Wednesday to suspend the federal gas tax for 90 days as costs at the pump rise to tape highs.

The federal tax presently stands at 18 cents for a gallon of routine fuel, and 24 cents per gallon for diesel.

“I call on the companies to pass this along — every penny of this 18 cents reduction — to the consumer,” Biden statedWednesday “There’s no time now for profiteering.”

The president stated such a relocation will have no influence on the Highway Trust Fund, stating other incomes can be utilized to money the approximately $10 billion expense.

Biden likewise gotten in touch with states to suspend their gas taxes, or discover other methods to bring some relief.

Still, some fasted to keep in mind that suspending the gas tax will keep need constant and not deal with the structural concerns in the market.

Demand for petroleum items has actually gotten better as worldwide economies resume, while supply has actually stayed constrained. An absence of refining capability likewise has actually sent out costs higher.

“I fully understand that the gas tax holiday alone is not going to fix the problem. But it will provide families some immediate relief. Just a little bit of breathing room as we continue working to bring down prices for the long haul,” Biden stated.

Prices are increasing throughout the board with inflation at a 40- year high, however the rise in fuel costs is specifically significant. The nationwide average for a gallon of tax topped $5 for the very first time on record previously this month.

Biden has actually called the rise in costs “Putin’s price hike.” He has actually likewise blamed oil and gas business for what he calls focusing on revenues at the cost of customers.

Last week, he sent out a letter to the CEOs of the biggest refining business advising them to increase output. Industry executives state even if they wished to improve operations, they are constrained from doing so due to the fact that of labor lacks and other concerns.

“[M] y message is easy: to the business running filling station and setting those costs at the pump, this is a time of war … these are not regular times. Bring down the cost you are charging at the pump to show the expense you are spending for the item,” the president stated.

Biden stated these actions might cause costs at the pump visiting $1 per gallon or more. “It doesn’t reduce all the pain, but it will be a big help,” he stated.

It stays to be seen whether the White House’s call will acquire assistance on Capitol Hill.

“Although well intentioned, this policy would at best achieve only minuscule relief while blowing a $10 billion hole in the Highway Trust Fund that would need to be filled if we want to continue to fix crumbling bridges, address the spike in traffic deaths and build a modern infrastructure system,” statedRep Peter DeFazio, a Democrat from Oregon and chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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