Price cap on Russian oil will not resolve energy concerns: Indonesia minister

Price cap on Russian oil won't solve energy issues: Indonesia minister

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Capping Russian oil costs will not resolve the world’s energy issues, stated Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati on Friday.

Prices are high due to the fact that need overtakes supply, which has actually been interfered with, and a cost ceiling will not deal with that, she stated.

“Putting a cap definitely is not going to solve the problem, because it is about the quantity which is not adequate, comparing to the demand which is in place,” she informed CNBC’s Martin Soong at the Group of 20 conference of financing ministers and reserve bank guvs in Bali, Indonesia.

As the U.S. and European countries approach winter season, need for energy will increase even more, she included.

Her remarks came a day after U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated a cost cap is “one of our most powerful tools” to combat inflation.

The U.S. and other G-7 nations are thinking about a cap on Russia’s oil costs in a quote to restrict funds streaming into the Kremlin’s war chest while reducing the expense of energy for customers.

But experts have actually questioned whether such a strategy would work, given that Russia might select not to cost the rate set by the U.S. and its allies. In addition, nations such as India and China, which have actually been purchasing oil from Russia, might not consent to the rate cap.

The war in Ukraine has actually increased unpredictability in the oil market and pressed costs higher.

“That’s why I believe [Indonesian] President Jokowi in his check out to the location of the dispute [said] we desire the war to be ended, due to the fact that this is the source of the issue,” Sri Mulyani stated.

“It is because of that war, that the whole disruption of all this supply, as well as then the implication of war in terms of the sanction — it’s even creating more complex situation,” she stated. The U.S. has actually prohibited Russian oil imports, and the European Union wishes to enforce a steady embargo.

A variety of supply and need aspects have actually likewise added to the increase in energy costs.

There has actually been an underinvestment in energy supply, while some oil-producing nations have actually struggled to enhance output. On the other hand, need skyrocketed as economies resumed and take a trip gotten.

— CNBC’s Su-Lin Tan, Silvia Amaro and Sam Meredith added to this report.

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