Priyanka Chopra Shares Favorite Part of Daughter Malti’s Routine

Priyanka Chopra Shares Favorite Part of Daughter Malti's Routine

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For Priyanka Chopra, motherhood will constantly be her primary objective.

The Citadel star just recently shared how she attains a work-life balance in an unique interview with E! News, discussing that a person minute she does not like to miss out on is her and Nick Jonas 16- month-old child Malti Marie‘s nighttime regimen.

“Being my own boss kind of helps, except when I’m on set,” Priyanka stated at the May 4 best for her brand-new movie Love Again “I can prioritize my scheduling, stop working at a certain time and don’t miss bathtime. Those are things that are really important to me.”

As for guidance for females seeming their own managers, too? “It’s hard,” she admitted. “It doesn’t happen to all of us because there are a lot of glass ceilings for women, even now. I think one step at a time and having faith in your strengths.”

The 40- year-old included, “Don’t let anyone point out your weaknesses to you because that will just curb you. But if you focus on your strengths—because all of us have them—then, one step at a time, you just somehow become your own boss.”