‘Quadrillion’ tons of diamonds discovered deep below Earth’s surface


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A group of scientists made an unlimited discovery after they lately uncovered a “quadrillion” tons of diamonds buried greater than 100 miles beneath Earth’s floor, based on a brand new research.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise (MIT), Harvard, the Carnegie Establishment of Washington and several other different universities used seismic gadgets to measure the pace of sound waves touring by way of the Earth’s crust.

“Sound waves transfer at varied speeds by way of the Earth, relying on the temperature, density, and composition of the rocks by way of which they journey,” MIT defined in a information launch. “Scientists have used this relationship between seismic velocity and rock composition to estimate the sorts of rocks that make up the Earth’s crust and elements of the higher mantle, also referred to as the lithosphere.”


The scientists observed a sudden spike in seismic speeds towards the underside of 200-mile cratons, or sections of rocks discovered “beneath the middle of most continental tectonic plates.” With a view to discover out what should be blamed for the sound waves to hurry up, the researchers performed a number of checks on varied rocks and minerals.

“Just one kind of rock produced the identical velocities as what the seismologists measured: one which accommodates 1 to 2 p.c diamond,” the scientists defined within the research.

“We are able to’t get at them, however nonetheless, there’s rather more diamond there than we have now ever thought earlier than.”

– Ulrich Faul

Subsequently, scientists consider it is protected to conclude diamonds make up the underside of cratons. They estimate there are about a quadrillion tons wedged inside the traditional rocks.

“[Cratons] are like items of wooden, floating on water,” Ulrich Faul, a analysis scientist in MIT’s Division of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, mentioned in an internet assertion. “Cratons are a tiny bit much less dense than their environment, in order that they don’t get subducted again into the Earth however keep floating on the floor.


The diamonds assist hold the miles-long rock formations steady.

Sadly, there is not any strategy to entry the gem stones — as drills are unable to dig 200 miles into the Earth’s crust. However researchers say it proves diamonds aren’t as uncommon as we as soon as thought.

“This exhibits that diamond will not be maybe this unique mineral, however on the [geological] scale of issues, it’s comparatively frequent. We are able to’t get at them, however nonetheless, there’s rather more diamond there than we have now ever thought earlier than,” mentioned Faul, clarifying there’s about 1,000 occasions extra diamonds on the planet than initially predicted.

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