Queen Elizabeth, attending to Covid-19 guidelines, sat alone

Queen Elizabeth, paying heed to Covid-19 rules, sat alone

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WINDSOR, England – Queen Elizabeth II was social distancing Saturday even as she bade goodbye to the love of her life.

Wearing a mask that matched her black gown, hat and gloves, the queen did not bask in the physical welcome of her household at the funeral service of Prince Philip since of an undetectable trespasser called Covid-19.

Instead, set an example of both security and perseverance for her fellow citizens throughout the hourlong event by scrupulously adhering to the social distancing guidelines that have actually rankled much of her topics over the in 2015 – even in the minute of her inmost sorrow.

And if it troubled the queen, she didn’t let it reveal.

“It’s more than pragmatic,” 70-year-old Chris Chilton, who lives near Windsor Castle, stated of the queen’s choice to support the pandemic guidelines. “She’s an amazing woman. She really does take control. She’s very fair.”

Daria Alexander, a 24-year-old trainee from London resting on a bench outside the castle walls, stated she wasn’t shocked to see the queen sitting off on her own, however confessed was “weird” to see her in a mask.

“She did look sad, but also dignified,” she stated.

Also “quite sad,” Alexander stated, was that the Duke of Edinburgh — thus numerous other individuals who passed away throughout the pandemic — did not get a public funeral service since of Covid-19.

“They were abiding by the rules,” stated Alexander. “But to be honest, it’s the worst time to lose a member of your family. It’s the worst.”

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