Rapper Young Dolph’s Cause of Death Revealed

Rapper Young Dolph's Cause of Death Revealed

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UPDATE: Young Dolph passed away from gunshot injuries of the head, neck and upper body, according to an autopsy report launched by the Shelby County Medical Examiner in Tennessee and acquired by E! News on March16 The way of death was noted as murder. The rap artist suffered 22 gunshot injuries in overall prior to he passed away, the report stated.


The rap neighborhood is grieving the loss of artist Young Dolph

According to a representative for the Memphis Police Department, a male victim was eliminated in a drive-by shooting on Wednesday,Nov 17. Police stated initial details suggested that the victim is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., called YoungDolph No suspect details is readily available at this time, Memphis authorities tweeted.

According to several outlets, Dolph was checking out the South Memphis bakeshop Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies at the time of the event.

Attorney Scott Hall validated Dolph’s death to NBC News, stating he remained in Memphis for his yearly Thanksgiving free gift. The artist, who primarily resides in Atlanta, was set up to distribute turkeys in his old area this afternoon, the attorney stated.

“His plan was to head to the event after his visit to the cookie store,” Hall specified.