Ree Drummond Reveals She’s Had a Foster Son for Over a Year – E! Online

Ree Drummond Reveals She's Had a Foster Son for Over a Year - E! Online

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Ree Drummond wants to present fans to her “bonus” kid Jamar.

In a brand-new post shared Monday, Nov. 9, the Pioneer Woman star exposed that she and other half Ladd Drummond have actually been cultivating the teenager for about a year and a half, however are just now able to speak easily about the procedure. She discussed, “He’s eighteen now, which means the state agency restrictions no longer apply—and most notably, he told me he’s tired of feeling like we’re trying to hide him from the world. He’s ready to sing, to dance, to make his debut! Jazz hands, Jamar!”

She went on to explain how Jamar ended up being a family member, discussing how the plan was “entirely situational.” 

“Fostering a kid was never something Ladd and I pursued or felt called to do, but Jamar’s circumstances presented themselves to us in a way we couldn’t ignore—so, long story short, all six foot five inches of him showed up at our house one afternoon, bag in hand, ready to move in,” the chef remembered. “Ladd, who had the initial idea to have Jamar live with us, had met him a couple of times during high school football practice that summer. My boys knew him, too. I, on the other hand, had never officially met Jamar before that day.”

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