Relive the Magic of the Best Royal Weddings of All Time

Relive the Magic of the Best Royal Weddings of All Time - E! Online

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Wedding preparation is difficult no matter how you slice it. (The “it” in this case being a four-tiered, fondant-covered confection, obviously.)

But we ‘d argue that Princess Eugenie had an especially substantial obstacle when assembling herOct 12, 2018 pledges. How does one tackle impressing those in their well-to-do, seen-it-all circles when the majority of them had gone to a quite trendy affair at the precise very same place simply 5 months previously?

So, genuinely, congratulations to her group.

The real event permanently binding Queen Elizabeth II‘s granddaughter and long time love Jack Brooksbank ( now moms and dads to 8-month-old kid August) was every bit the official, grand occasion one would get out of somebody 10 th in line to Britain’s throne. There was the demure, Peter Pilotto dress, including simply a tip of a low back to display the scar from Eugenie’s youth scoliosis operation, and a reading hand-selected by the bride-to-be from The Great Gatsby Not to point out 2 efficiencies from Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian tenor obviously readily available as a wedding event vocalist if you’re either real-life or truth royalty.

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