Relive Windows 95 on your Mac with this app

Relive Windows 95 on your Mac with this app

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Want Windows 95 on your Mac? No issue, there’s now an app for that. Thanks to Slack designer Felix Rieseberg, you can download this option little bit of code for Mac OS, Linux and yes, Windows PCs. We simply attempted it, and Minesweeper is around precisely as impressive as we keep in mind.

With it running, you’ll have the ability to relive all the splendor that was as soon as the peak of UX GUI style. Be encouraged, this is not formally approved software application fromMicrosoft It should be downloaded from the designer websiteGithub As such, do so at your own danger.

Of course, you might feel it deserves the gamble to get your sweet fond memories repair. In the meantime, possibly this duration Windows 95 training video hosted by Friends stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston will assist.

Microsoft did not right away react to an ask for remark.

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