Review: Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)


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Do you prefer your candy bars king size, regular, or fun size? I’ve always favored the middle. Regular size bars are big enough to satisfy, but not so huge that I feel that pang of guilt in my sugar-ridden stomach. Buying a tablet from Amazon is similar. You can opt for a cute 7-inch Fire, but there’s a good chance it’ll feel too small. Or you can buy a big 10-inch Fire, which, for some, will be unwieldy. The 8-inch Fire? In my opinion, it’s just right.

The latest Amazon Fire HD 8 has a 1,280 x 800-pixel, 8-inch screen that’s robust enough for watching movies on a long bus ride (though the viewing angles aren’t amazing), and small enough that you can still hold it with one hand. Its size makes it easy to type with your thumbs, play games like Red Ball 4, or read like a book. It’s just about ideal.